MDF-DU502VHA-PA's Image MDF-DU502VHA-PA's Image MDF-DU502VHA-PA's Image
MDF-DU502VHA-PA's Image
MDF-DU502VHA-PA's Image
MDF-DU502VHA-PA's Image

VIP ECO Natural Refrigerant -86°C Freezer


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The VIP Laboratory Freezer Series

The PHCbi VIP ultra-low temperature laboratory freezers represent the complete combination of refrigeration, control, alarm configuration, monitoring, and accessibility for product safety at -86°C. Well-known for its reliability, energy savings, and performance, the VIP Series is ideal for material storage in biorepositories, R&D pharmaceutical and biotech companies, contract research organizations, hospitals, clinics, and medical research facilities.

The VIP ECO Freezers and Sustainability

PHCbi VIP ECO ultra-low temperature freezers operating on natural refrigerants now deliver more energy efficient and dependable ultra-low temperature storage with forward performing cooling systems. New natural refrigerants minimize environmental impact without compromising ultra-low temperature performance. These freezers are designed, tested, and field-proven for safe, reliable storage of biologicals.  

ENERGY STAR® Certified

The VIP ECO Model MDF-DU502VHA-PA has earned ENERGY STAR Certification based on independent testing by third party laboratories. Test results for products submitted to ENERGY STAR can be compared for performance across the competitive market at Refer to Certification Number 4788723268.

  • • 0.37 kWh/cu.ft. Daily Energy Consumption
VIP Series Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers can be used to store the following types of biological samples:

1. Temperature-sensitive samples such as therapeutics and biospecimens
2. Samples that need to retain viability, such as stem cells, genetically engineered tissues, organs, vaccines, or cancer cells
3. Critical medical research samples
4. Re-engineered immunotherapy samples, such as CAR-T cells or CAR-NK cells
5. Valuable pharmaceutical products
6. Clinical trial samples
7. Pathogenic samples within high security laboratories


PHC Corporation of North America offers a 5-year parts and labor warranty protection on VIP Series ultra-low temperature freezers purchased in North America.

VIP ECO Series

The VIP ECO Series ultra-low temperature freezers represent an advance in refrigeration technology and cabinet design required to minimize energy consumption while maintaining a safe, uniform and stable ultra-low environment for life forms. Together with new refrigeration platform based on variable speed inverter compressors and sophisticated control algorithms, the VIP ECO freezer successfully uses of natural refrigerants essential to global sustainability without compromising cooling performance.

These freezers are available in two upright cabinet sizes and in both 115V and 220V electrical models. All VIP ECO freezers include Advanced Frost Control and an EZLatch door design ultimately essential to better energy efficiency in real-world conditions.