MDF-DU702VH-PA - VIP ECO Natural Refrigerant -86°C Upright Freezer's Image MDF-DU702VH-PA - VIP ECO Natural Refrigerant -86°C Upright Freezer's Image
MDF-DU702VH-PA - VIP ECO Natural Refrigerant -86°C Upright Freezer's Image
MDF-DU702VH-PA - VIP ECO Natural Refrigerant -86°C Upright Freezer's Image

VIP ECO Natural Refrigerant -86°C Upright Freezer

MDF-DU702VH-PA - VIP ECO Natural Refrigerant -86°C Upright Freezer

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Performance and Reliability

The robust refrigeration system provides dependable cooling and temperature performance through PHC engineered heat transfer components and time-tested natural refrigerants. Reserve refrigeration power assures exceptionally fast temperature recovery following door openings. Performance and reliability are never compromised when it comes to storing your valued products.

ENERGY STAR® Certified1

The VIP ECO Model MDF-DU702VH-PA has earned ENERGY STAR Certification based on independent testing by third party laboratories. Test results for products submitted to ENERGY STAR can be compared for performance across the competitive market at

  • 0.31 kWh/cu.ft. Daily Energy Consumption
1) Results are published on the ENERGY STAR website See PHC Corporation of North America's Certification Number 4787624502.

Security Control and Monitoring

An eye level, door mounted color LCD touchscreen allows full user control while the USB port makes transferring logged data to a PC convenient. This full function display panel includes audible and visual warnings, unit diagnostics, temperature and door opening history. All performance attributes are displayed and an internal temperature log is expressed in graphic form over time.

Natural Refrigerants

This Natural Refrigerant -86°C Freezer minimizes environmental impact without jeopardizing ultra-low temperature freezer performance. The VIP ECO® ultra-low temperature freezer product line includes the prestigious Good Design award-winning -86°C upright model which was also independently rated as the world's most energy-efficient and best performing ultra-low freezer.

EZlatch Ergonomic Design for Quick Access and Positive Door Closure

The patent pending EZlatch is engineered to tolerate frequent door openings, simplify one-handed access and control frost associated with extreme temperature differentials. The EZlatch is the centerpiece of a holistic access and frost mitigation system. This comfortable operation maintains the integrity of the door seal to assure energy efficiency.

VIP ECO Series 

PHCbi VIP ultra-low temperature laboratory freezers represent the complete combination of refrigeration, control, alarm configuration, monitoring, and accessibility for product safety at -86°C. Well-known for its reliability, energy savings, and performance, the VIP Series is ideal for material storage in biorepositories, R&D pharmaceutical and biotech companies, contract research organizations, hospitals, clinics, and medical research facilities.

The VIP ECO Natural Refrigerant -86°C Upright Freezer (MDF-DU702VH-PA) provides minimal environmental impact through natural refrigerants, cost efficient performance with the reliability you demand, and the EZlatch system for energy efficiency.