MDF-DU900VC-PA's Image MDF-DU900VC-PA's Image MDF-DU900VC-PA's Image MDF-DU900VC-PA's Image
MDF-DU900VC-PA's Image
MDF-DU900VC-PA's Image
MDF-DU900VC-PA's Image
MDF-DU900VC-PA's Image

VIP Series Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer


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Reliability You Can Count On

The robust biorepository freezer system is powered by PHC engineered compressors. The system provides dependable cooling by balancing temperature performance and energy management. Reserve refrigeration power assures exceptional temperature recovery following door openings. VIP freezers have demonstrated superior reliability with excellent performance history. 

VIP Plus Vacuum Panel Insulation

Inside-out engineering starts with our patented VIP Plus insulation composite which results in a high efficient, thin-walled cabinet. Insulated inner doors improve temperature uniformity, minimize cold air loss from frequent door openings and extend warm-up times during power outages. 

Energy Efficient

Energy efficiency in VIP Series freezers is achieved through balanced temperature performance and power management. 

High Capacity Storage, Minimal Cabinet Footprint

The patented VIP Plus insulation composite maximizes long term storage freezer space in the VIP Series. Store up to 672 2" boxes or 448 3" boxes within an efficient 10.79 sq ft2 (1 m2) footprint.

Superior Temperature Uniformity

The combination of patented VIP vacuum insulation panels with PHC designed compressors, specific to ultra-low temperature applications, assures superior uniformity (+/-5°C) throughout the biobanking freezer to maintain the integrity of the samples. 

Microprocessor Controller

Freezer operation is managed by microprocessor-based controller that combines security, monitoring, predictive performance and data logging functions into a single, eye level display. 

Intelligent User Interface and Color LCD Display

The convenient user interface enables easy operation with a high contrast color LCD touchscreen that remains clear and easy to read close-up or from a distance. 

USB Port for Transferring Performance Data

The standard USB port, ideal for quality processes and GxP regulated facilities, enhances the gathering, storage and transfer of freezer operating data. 

EZlatch Ergonomic Design for Quick Access and Positive Door Closure 

The patent pending EZlatch is engineered to tolerate frequent door openings, simplify one-handed access and control frost associated with extreme temperature differentials. 

Advanced Frost Control System

The EZlatch is central to an overall freezer access system, comprised of the outer door and inner doors, door gaskets, positive inner and outer door latches and a vacuum relief port. These individual components function in unison to assure comfortable operation, sample security, temperature integrity and control of frost build-up.

VIP Series

The PHCbi VIP Series, -86°C ultra-low temperature freezers represent the industry's most advanced combination of cabinet design, electronics, refrigeration and critical components for enhanced security, better performance, product safety and cost effective operation.

The high performance, ultra-low temperature PHCbi upright freezer model MDF-DU900VC-PA is designed for safe, reliable storage of biologicals in biorepositories or other facilities where bulk consolidation of valuable samples is preferred. The freezer's efficient volume-to-footprint ratio maximizes available floor space while still passing through a standard 36" (91 cm) wide doorway.