MPR-1412-PA's Image MPR-1412-PA's Image MPR-1412-PA's Image MPR-1412-PA's Image
MPR-1412-PA's Image
MPR-1412-PA's Image
MPR-1412-PA's Image
MPR-1412-PA's Image

48.2 cu.ft. Pharmaceutical Refrigerator


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Adjustable Design

This CDC compliant lab refrigerator offers a practical solution for storage with adjustable shelves and a wide setpoint range for varying laboratory applications, including biomedical storage and processing. The interior layout makes it ideal for running experiments that require changeable shelf configurations. The shelves can be arranged to accommodate all heights, and deep and strong enough to hold processing equipment and most devices.

Cycle Defrost System

Defrosting is performed automatically and only when required, protecting contents against unnecessary temperature rise. The defrosting heater provides protection from freezing in extremely low ambient temperature conditions.

Microprocessor Controller and Alarms

The temperature control system, with a microprocessor, maintains true temperature at the set level and is unaffected by outside ambient temperature. Audible and flashing LED visual alarms alert the user to the unlikely event of either a high or low temperature status.

Uniform Temperature with Forced Air Circulation

The fan-forced air circulation and efficient temperature recovery properties allow for precise temperature conditions.

Efficient and Superior Pharmaceutical Refrigerator

High performance compressors and components deliver fast temperature pull-down, recovery and tolerance for high ambient temperature conditions. This energy efficient system improves LEED scores and contributes to global sustainability.

Energy Saving Pharmaceutical Refrigerator

The MPR-1412-PA is a large capacity pharmacy refrigerator delivering a stable and reliable environment for managing clinical, pharmaceutical and biomedical storage and processing at uniform temperatures. Easy to use features and design and precise temperature control with fast recovery following door openings, assures safe storage during frequent access and high ambient conditions. 

SNAP Refrigerants and PHC Compliance with EPA Recommendations

Model MPR-1412-PA operates on new generation SNAP compliant, low flammability HFO refrigerants to assure low environmental impact. The use of SNAP compliant refrigerants (Significant New Alternatives Policy) established by the United States Environmental Protection Agency underscores our recognition of social responsibility and environmental sustainability by integrating the latest refrigeration technology. For information on SNAP refrigerants visit