MPR-S300H-PA's Image MPR-S300H-PA's Image MPR-S300H-PA's Image MPR-S300H-PA's Image MPR-S300H-PA's Image
MPR-S300H-PA's Image
MPR-S300H-PA's Image
MPR-S300H-PA's Image
MPR-S300H-PA's Image
MPR-S300H-PA's Image

12.2 cu. ft. High-Performance Pharmaceutical Refrigerator


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Superior Performance, Improved Technology

The MPR-S300H-PA pharmaceutical refrigerator offers uncompromising performance in the storage of your valuable pharmaceuticals and vaccines, especially following frequent door openings, high ambient temperatures, power outages and brown-outs. Natural refrigerants, variable speed inverter compressors and integrated electronics combine to help this pharmacy refrigerator achieve facility sustainability objectives by minimizing environmental impact and employing energy-saving performance. The slim profile design with sliding doors delivers improved storage efficiency and fits seamlessly into your facility, as a new or replacement installation.

Enhanced Inverter Compressor Refrigeration Platform with Natural Refrigerants

Natural hydrocarbon [HC] refrigerants are environmentally friendly and compliant with the US EPA SNAP legislation for environmental sustainability. Combined with new variable speed inverter compressor technology designed to reduce power consumption, this system provides more efficient cooling without compromising cooling capacity, ambient tolerance and recovery time following door openings. Energy-saving performance assures improved temperature distribution, control and tolerance to voltage fluctuations, consuming less electrical power than similar conventional models.

User-Friendly, Efficient Design

An ergonomic design and flexible shelf layout provide a clear view of stored materials with easy product access through the large, space-saving sliding glass door, designed to increase energy efficiency and protect stored materials from ambient temperatures. The insulated, dual-pane thermal glass doors are filled with inert argon gas to minimize heat transfer. Air vents strategically located within the door assembly prevent condensation on the glass.

Interior LED lights automatically turn on/off in conjunction with the door opening and closing. Lights may also be operated from the control panel. Inventory security is supplemented with a cylindrical integrated door key lock. Four casters facilitate easy movement of the unit and the compact footprint is ideal for crowded facilities.

Microprocessor Controls, OLED Display

A microprocessor controller and OLED display feature excellent visibility and intuitive operation utilizing control buttons that provide convenient but secure user commands. Refrigeration temperature can be displayed in 0.1°C increments, and minimum and maximum temperatures are displayed every 12/24 hours. Audible and visual alarms with adjustable setpoints warn of deviations from setpoint temperatures, and all alarm conditions are displayed and recorded. A password-protected control interface assures operational security and eliminates the risk of accidental setpoint changes. Data performance history can be obtained through an onboard USB port when desired.

Automatic Defrost System

Defrosting operation is possible without turning off the power supply. An electronically-activated defrost cycle automatically initiates when needed. The refrigerator evaporator operates above freezing at all times to prevent exposing temperature-sensitive stored products to freezing temperatures.

Available Accessories

Optional wire shelves and sliding racks enable increased storage capacity

High Performance Pharmaceutical Refrigerator

The MPR-S300H-PA vaccine refrigerator offers a complete and integrated storage solution for high-value pharmaceutical materials in a compact footprint. Ideal for crowded pharmacies and clinics, this unit employs natural refrigerants without sacrificing performance in conditions of frequent door openings, high ambient temperatures, power outages and brown-outs. This laboratory refrigerator offers uncompromising performance, delivering superior refrigeration and reliability through advanced technology.